Final Animation

The pendulum is a new rig we have been given. The pendulum is rig is used by many new animators to understand overlapping – which is an important principle in animation as it gives weight to an animation (which can make it more believable.) This was only a short project we have been given. We were told to make three different experiments using the pendulum and I decided to make three short animations with it. I really enjoyed using this rig as it let me experiment with how speed can effect the weight of the pendulum and how moving it a particular way would affect the overlapping of the tail. The first animation on this video is very simple – its one of the first I made which shows a simple side motion of a pendulum moving right to left. The challenge I found with this simple animation was stopping the weight – how long should I have it swinging. I made several attempts but this is my best in my opinion. The other two animations are little more complex – the second one is of the pendulum moving in all different directions. The swinging is exaggerated however I wanted it to be very lively and I feel that this gives the pendulum movement and drive. Lastly the third pendulum is catching a ball and so we need to feel the weight of the ball dropping and the extras weight of it on the pendulum. I had to spend time animating to ball rolling of the pendulum (which I’m happy with as this detail makes it even more believable) out of the three my favourite is the second one as it has a lot of life.)

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