Final Animation

Above is the finished animated ball scene. I have used two balls into one scene so I could properly express the weight of two different balls (of the same size.) I am very happy with the outcome – however there are certain aspects that I have noticed (and my tutor) with the timing of the red ball. The red ball just needs some further attention as it appears to be changing speed during the time it is bouncing over the pyramid and just after. I’m just going to edit more frames into this area and remove some in other parts. I also feel that the blue ball rolls a bit too far for a ball that has lost its bounce – I might try to experiment with this part also to see if I can improve it into a slower halt. I am pleased that I was able to properly show the different in weight in this animation. I really like the way that the first ball interacts with the heavier ball – the bounce of the lighter ball causes the heavier ball to fall of the cube and reveals two balls falling together.

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